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Must Try Amazing Grills at Hatch MCR – Mezze Bar & Kitchen

by S. H.
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A hole in the wall restaurant with delicious Cypriot Mezze

Hatch is a collection of various traders such as restaurants and retailers, and there are so many awesome independent restaurants in Hatch. S was invited to Mezze Bar and Kitchen to try their food and S was so glad they did, so S can introduce their food to more people. Hatch is on Oxford Road and close to Manchester Metropolitan University which is very easy to get to for students.

Must Try Amazing Grills at Hatch MCR - Mezze Bar & Kitchen

Mezze Bar and Kitchen is located towards the back of Hatch, but the best things are worth the effort, right? Mezze Bar and Kitchen also has a nice little terrace which S thinks will be amazing to visit in summer. The restaurant is not big but there are plenty of seats outside in the public area.

Mezze Bar and Kitchen has expanded their menu gradually and you can see the latest menu below. The menu on their website might be updated later since it is a bit different compared these two. The dishes S had so far were the Chargrilled Chicken Rice Box (£8.5), Chargrilled Lamb Wrap (£8.5) and the Mixed Grill (£25).

S would say S felt quite healthy while eating these since the portion of salad was quite huge. Moreover, the yogurt sauce on top mixed so well with the chargrilled meat. The chargrilled lamb was super tender and juicy, so S was really surprised since the ones S had so far was rather dry.

There are lamb adana, chicken skewers, lamb beyti, chicken beyti and lamb chops in the Mixed Grill, and S also added some grill halloumi with it. It’s the perfect dish for people who want to try a bit of everything. S was surprised by the portion size when it was served, and there were some flat bread underneath the meat. Moreover, the dish also came with rice and salad.

Mixed Grill from Mezze
Mixed Grill (£25)

If S has to choose one meat from this platter, S would choose the lamb chops for sure. The lamb chops were tender and not greasy, furthermore S totally loves the spicy mint sauce which came with the dish. The lamb beyti and chicken beyti were so flavourful and S just couldn’t get enough of them. S would love to come back again just for this meat feast!

Mixed Grill from Mezze
Mixed Grill (£25)

Overall S would definitely recommend this place if you’re around the area. Moreover, S always thinks it’s a good idea to support independent local business in general. Mezze Bar and Kitchen might not have a big name but the quality of the food and the taste are truly impressive! S can’t wait to visit again to try their special next time!

Restaurant info:
Address: 103 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7ED (Hatch)
Phone: 0161 327 1072
Opening hours: Mon.-Thur. 5-11pm; Fri.-Sun. 12pm-12am
Site: https://www.mezzebarandkitchen.co.uk

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