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Amazing Sunday Roast at a Local Pub in Didsbury – The Metropolitan

by S. H.
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A cosy and lively pub at the heart of Burton Road!

S has heard some of the history about The Metropolitan, apparently it was quite rough with cock fighting and drug use a long time ago. However, The Metropolitan now is a lofty pub with some nice interior and outdoor drinking area. The Metropolitan is close to Burton Road tram station which is only 2 minutes walk distance. There are some great places to eat on Burton Road, such as Rustik, Another Heart to Feed and Volta etc.

It is quite spacious in The Metropolitan, and the inside of The Met is like a traditional pub with a few fancy touches. S loves their outdoor seating area, she can’t wait to just sit there on a nice summer day with a pint and some great food, that’s the life! Furthermore, there’s a parking lot at The Met, therefore you don’t need to worry if you drive.

There are various menus to choose from at The Met, S has tried the dining menu and Sunday menu on her visits so far. The Braised Daube of Beef (£15.95) and the Pan-seared Venison Haunch (£16.25) were from dining menu. The beef from the Braised Daube of Beef was super tender, it went so well with the gravy. Furthermore, the dish was quite filling and hearty, S would love to have more if she can!

Amazing Sunday Roast at a Local Pub in Didsbury - The Metropolitan
Braised daube of beef (£15.95)

Another dish from dining menu is the Pan-seared Venison Haunch. S doesn’t eat venison often so that’s why she always tries it when she sees it on the menu. The venison went super well with the redcurrant jus and the taste was just delicious! However, the venison from The Met was quite gamey, so some people might not like it.

Amazing Sunday Roast at a Local Pub in Didsbury - The Metropolitan
Pan-seared venison haunch (£16.25) 

Last not but not least, the Sunday menu was the menu that S tried when she first visited. S had the Roast Rump of Lamb (£15.95) and the Roast Topside Beef (£15.95). As you can see the portion size is no joke especially when compared to Volta for a similar price. Yet the Sunday Roast from The Met is only good for its portion size but also the quality and freshness of the food.

The Metropolitan is definitely one of S’s favourite pubs in Didsbury not just because of the food but also the atmosphere is also great at The Met. It wasn’t as loud or as noisy even when the pub is busy, and S really likes that. S has always heard you can only get a good Sunday Roast in a real pub, and The Metropolitan definitely qualifies. S would highly recommend a visit if you get the chance!

Restaurant info: 
Address: 2 Lapwing Ln, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2WS
Phone: 0161 445 3145
Opening hours: Sun.-Tue. 10am-11pm; Wed.-Thur. 10am-11:30pm; Fri.-Sat. 10am-12am
Site: https://themetropolitanwestdidsbury.co.uk

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