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The Best Pulled Pork Sandwich in Edinburgh – Oink

by S. H.
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A must eat in Edinburgh! Oink oink~

S had heard about this place even before visiting Edinburgh, and had put it on the list of must-eat restaurant while she was there! S went to 2 branches of Oink, the first one was the original branch on Victoria Street which was close to Edinburgh Castle. From the outside of the window, you can see a whole hog roast just right in front of you!

Shop appearance of oink
Outside of the shop
The whole hog roast

The staff were super friendly and smily when S visited. The menu was simple, first you could choose the size, then the type of the bread and the stuffing. The last bit was choosing your sauce. S picked the regular oink roll with haggis stuffing and mustard mayo for the first try, and it totally blew her mind!


The sandwich itself was super simple which was just meat, stuffing and the sauce. The pork itself was so tender which it almost could melt before you even chewed it. Moreover, the staff added some crackling in the sandwich which gave the sandwich more diverse texture. Overall, it was just so amazing so S had to eat it again before leaving Edinburgh.

Pulled pork sandwich from oink
Pulled pork sandwich from oink

The second branch S went was on Canongate Street which was close to Palace of Holyroodhouse. S was the first customer when S visited that day and had a chance to see the whole hog roast when it was freshly served.

whole hog roast from oink

This branch was bigger compared to the one on Victoria Street and had more room for seating. It was less crowded as well, however, it was probably due to the timing when S visited.

inside of oink

S chose a Grunter with barbecue sauce this time. S just wanted to see how big it could be and because it might have to be awhile to eat this sandwich again. And the portion was very generous, S couldn’t even fit the bun in her mouth.

Pulled pork sandwich from oink
Pulled pork sandwich from oink

Oink is definitely a must-eat place which you have to put on your list when you visit Edinburgh. S guarantees that you won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant info:
Address: 34 Victoria Street, Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JW
Opening hours: Sun.-Thur. 11:00 to 17:00(Fri. and Sat. are till 18:00)
Site: https://www.oinkhogroast.co.uk

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