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The 10th Best Pizza in the World – Rudy's Pizza

by S. H.

Do you know that one of the world’s top 10 best pizza restaurants is actually from Manchester?

S has been hearing this place since S just came to Manchester. Every time when someone ask where is the best pizza restaurant in Manchester, Rudy’s is always on the list. There are 3 branches in total, 2 of which are in Manchester which is located in the Northern Quarter and Deansgate, and the latest one just opened in Liverpool this September.

Today the branch S went is the one in Deansgate. S was quite surprised when her friends showed her the place since the sign of the place was not too obvious, and S has walked past here so many times but never know the famous Rudy’s is just right there!

The best pizza restaurant - Rudy's

After walking into the restaurant, the decor is quite relaxing and spacious. You can see the open kitchen with a stone oven. There are some seats around the kitchen area which you can have a closer look while the pizza is made. The bar area is at the back of the restaurant which serves some cocktails and beer. 

There is some special menu which is written on the blackboard. The price of the pizza here is around £7 to £9, and there is only 1 size of pizza which is 14″. If you want to see the flavour of the pizza, you can check the menu on their website. 

The best pizza restaurant - Rudy's

The pizza we ordered today were Salame(£7.6), Calabrese(£8.2) and Romagnola(£8.9). S visited again another time and decided to try their Portobello(£7.5). You can also add some extra topping if you like by adding £2 or so. The meal came relatively fast considering it was quite full in the restaurant, and the staff were also really friendly.

As you can see on the photos, the pizza wasn’t cut for you which you need to cut it yourself. Furthermore, the pizza was moist and really easy to cut. The size of the pizza didn’t look particularly big to S, however, S was stuffed and could barely finish it in the end.

The flavour of the pizza is fantastic! No wonder people love it so much! The dough is made on site every day which is super fresh. Moreover, the dough takes 24 hours to double ferment, and that’s the secret about the pizza in Rudy’s is which makes the texture of it so soft and floppy. 

After this time visit to Rudy’s, S can finally proudly say I have been there and highly recommend if anyone wants to have pizza in Manchester. Moreover, S understand why this is the best pizza in Manchester now! With the price around £7 to£10 and the quality of the pizza, it definitely entitles the reputation! If you’re around the Northern Quarter, you can also try PLY which they also have some good pizzas!

Restaurant info:
Address: Petersfield House, Manchester, M2 5QJ
Phone: 0161 660 8040
Opening hours: Mon.-Sun. 12:00 to 22:00(Fri.-Sat. are till 22:30 and Sun. is till 21:00) 

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