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Award-Winning Pie in Manchester NQ – Pieminister

by S. H.
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How can you not eat pie when you’re in the North?

There are lots of pie restaurants in Manchester. However, when you speak of pie, you can’t miss Pieminister. Pieminister is a 14 year-old pie shop which started in Bristol and only uses 100% free range British meat and the finest fresh ingredients. Pieminister is located on Church Street in Northern Quarter which is also quite close to Evelyn’s and Affleck’s.

Award-Winning Pie in Manchester NQ - Pieminister

There are some seats in the restaurant but it’s not too big. There is a large range of pies (menu) to choose from, such as classic British to global flavours. Yet S wanted to try something different that day, so Fungi Chicken and Kate & Sidney were the pies S tried. The price is £5 for a standard pie, and £7 for a special one. Moreover, you can also add one or two sides with the pie, or choose the Mothership(£9) which includes a standard pie, mash, gravy, peas and cheddar & crispy shallots. Don’t worry if you’re a vegan, here is also vegan friendly.

Award-Winning Pie in Manchester NQ - Pieminister

The Fungi Chicken was absolutely delicious! Not just because S loves fungi, but it was blended well with the chicken and the gravy. The flavour of fungi was super rich which was a big plus for S. Furthermore, the pie was served fresh and hot which was always the most important thing for a pie.

The Kate & Sidney was made from British beef steak, kidney and craft ale. That was the first time S tried the pie with kidney, and it was surprisingly good, especially with the gravy. Since S ordered the Mothership which came with mash, gravy, peas and cheddar & crispy shallots, it went really well with the pie. S loved the gravy here because of its richness.

Award-Winning Pie in Manchester NQ - Pieminister
Kate & Sidney

Though S hasn’t tried lots of pies yet, but she can say that the pies from Pieminister don’t disappoint! Furthermore, the gravy from Pieminister was rich and thick, just like how gravy should be! Pieminister also does delivery too, therefore, you can get it delivered to your door step if you don’t want to go out. S would definitely visit again for their Moodog and Moo & Brew pies.

Restaurant info: 
Address: 53 Church St, Manchester M4 1PD
Phone: 0161 819 1297
Opening hours: Mon.-Sat. 11am-10pm; Sun. 12-5pm
Site: https://www.pieminister.co.uk/restaurants/church-street/

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