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Tasty Korean Restaurant in Manchester Centre – Annyeong

by S. H.
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Fancy bar mixed with authentic Korean food in the city centre.

S loves Korean food, especially Korean BBQ. S had noticed this place awhile ago on Instagram, and she finally got the chance to try it. The restaurant is close to Albert Square, and it is in a great location to go shopping after the meal.

Tasty Korean Restaurant in Manchester Centre - Annyeong

The decor was pretty fancy, with a big bar and a seating area with sofas. The restaurant wasn’t too big but it wasn’t too packed either. The most notable was that they provide Korean flat chopsticks which are different from the Chinese/Japanese kind. Furthermore, S found that the regular hosts of Running Man(Famous Korean variety TV show), Haha and Kim Jong Kook, came to this place when they visited Manchester!!

Tasty Korean Restaurant in Manchester Centre - Annyeong

There are lots of options and sets to choose from on their menu. S’s main goal was their BBQ, so S ordered the BBQ Tasting Set(£29.9/person). The set menu included soup (spicy beef soup/fresh seaweed soup), kimchi set, seafood pancake, steamed rice and 7 kinds of meat with fresh lettuces and sweet and sour spring onion.

The items in the kimchi set were kimchi, o ee kimchi (cucumber), kak too gi (Pickled Radish). These are the common types of kimchi you can find in the restaurants in Korea. S really loves Korean kimchi due to its spicy taste, and it goes super well with BBQ in general.

The spicy beef soup was tasty and boiling hot. However, it was served quite late at the end of the meal, but S feels soup should be served before the meat as a starter. The seafood pancake was a bit thin yet the taste was exactly like the one S had in Korea. There was a special sauce for the pancake which you definitely need to eat the pancake with, as the flavour really compliments the pancake.

There were pork belly, ox tongue, marbled beef, spicy chicken, spicy pork, and 2 different types of marinated beef (from left to right and top to down). Pork belly is the most common meat you will see in BBQ restaurants in Korea, followed by beef. The platter didn’t look too big when it was served, yet S was quite full after the meal.

Tasty Korean Restaurant in Manchester Centre - Annyeong

The staff would come to the table to check the fire and cook it for you from time to time. The flavour of marinated beef and spicy chicken/pork were amazing, S could just have them and not have anything else. You will be be provided a pair of scissors to cut the meat and can eat it with fresh lettuce. There are different ways to eat Korean BBQ depending on your preference. The most common way is to make a wrap using fresh lettuce with meat, kimchi and sweet and sour spring onion.

Tasty Korean Restaurant in Manchester Centre - Annyeong

The price is not cheap but S would definitely visit again for the food. S saw some comments about the poor service, yet S felt it might be because of the language and culture difference. The service here was quite “Korean” in S’ opinion, and it reminded S a lot for her trip to Korea before. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience with delicious proper Korean food. If you want to try more Korean cuisine in Manchester, you can find more here to try out!

Restaurant info:
Address: Half Moon Chamber, 5-7 Chapel Walks, Manchester M2 1HN
Phone: 0161 832 2491
Opening hours: Mon.-Sun. 12-11pm
Site: https://www.annyeong.co.uk

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