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Lovely Dessert Cafe in Didsbury Village – Caramello

by S. H.
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Desserts, patisseries, waffles, and cakes; a hidden treasure in the heart of Didsbury.

S found this place while searching for brunch in Didsbury, and it sure was a delightful find! Apparently Caramello was originally on Wilmslow Rd where Fress is now, and they just moved into the alley of Whitechapel Street. Even though it was not so easy to find, S was so happy that she found this hidden gem.

Lovely Dessert Cafe in Didsbury Village - Caramello

The restaurant was quite small, but they do have a second floor. However, S didn’t go upstairs to see it. The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere of the place was super relaxing. The cakes and the patisseries at the counter looked especially tasty and exquisite. Moreover, they also sell gelato separately which is perfect for the summer.

You can see the menu below that they serve all day breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea and lunch etc. Furthermore, it is children friendly as you can see they also have a menu just for kids. Egg Florentine with smoked salmon (£10.95) and Strawberry Waffles (£6.95) were the dishes S ordered with Banana shakes (£4.95) and Mocha(£3).

The Strawberry Waffle was absolutely delicious! The waffles were soft but not crispy which made it easier to eat compared to Rustik. Furthermore, the dish was well presented with the plating. Overall, the dish was simple but tasty.

Lovely Dessert Cafe in Didsbury Village - Caramello
Strawberry Waffles

When S ordered the Egg Florentine, S thought it would just be a normal egg Benedict dish. Yet the butter spinach was the most delicious butter spinach that S has ever had by far! S was really surprised how tasty it was.

Lovely Dessert Cafe in Didsbury Village - Caramello
Egg Florentine

S usually doesn’t include drinks in the post in general. However, the banana shake was spot on, and S loved their mocha! They used dark chocolate in their mocha which made the mocha not too sweet, and that’s how S liked it. Moreover, they have some special shakes which S would love to try next time!

Overall, it was a nice surprise that S found this place. Since the restaurant is quite small and only accepts walk-ins in general, S suggests you should come early if you want to visit here. S would definitely visit again to try their afternoon tea!

Restaurant info: 
Address: 10 Whitechapel St, Manchester M20 6UB
Phone: 0161 613 6599
Opening hours: Sun.- Thur. 9am-5pm; Fri. 8:30am-5pm
Site: https://www.facebook.com/caramellodidsbury/

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