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The Best Steakhouse in Manchester – Hawksmoor

by S. H.
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You can’t go wrong with any dish!

Hawksmoor is a steakhouse and cocktail bar chain from London which serves high quality British breed beef. The Hawksmoor Manchester is located in Deansgate and is also quite close to Spinningfields. The entrance may not be obvious or fancy, however, you surely will be amazed once you step inside!

The Best Steakhouse in Manchester - Hawksmoor

You can feel the classy ambience the second you enter the restaurant. The restaurant is inside a former Victorian courthouse, and it still keeps most of the features for the interior such as the parquet flooring from a (different) courthouse, panelling from Birmingham’s Sandwell College and (well-cleaned) glazed bricks from a public lavatory in Liverpool. S loves this kind of interior and ambience which has an olde world charm with a trendy touch.

The staff were lovely and very welcoming, and the whole experience was really nice and comfortable. There are different menus you can choose from, and S decided to try from the set lunch menu (2 courses £25/3 courses £28) and the standard menu.

The starters were the Potted beef & bacon with Yorkshires from the set menu and the Hawksmoor smoked salmon(£11) from the standard menu. S had never tried something like the Potted beef & bacon with Yorkshires before. You can scoop the beef and the bacon out to mix with the Yorkshires, and add some gravy on top, the taste was absolutely amazing!

The portion of smoked salmon for the Hawksmoor smoked salmon was bigger than S thought. S was expecting only a few slices of smoked salmon but there was much more. The smoked salmon wasn’t too smokey but it was a lovely starter since it wasn’t too heavy. There were 2 slices of brown bread which came with this dish so that you can eat the smoked salmon with it.

The Best Steakhouse in Manchester - Hawksmoor
Hawksmoor smoked salmon

Don’t underestimate the portion size of the Rump with chips; the portion may look small to some people, but you will definitely feel full afterwards. S ordered it medium and it was perfectly cooked. Most people might think the rump steak is usually tougher compared to other cuts. Yet the rump steak from Hawksmoor was so tender that you can’t really tell it’s a rump steak!

The Best Steakhouse in Manchester - Hawksmoor
Rump with chips

Sirloin should be served rare but S doesn’t like it too rare, therefore, S chose medium rare with Sirloin. It just looked like a normal steak when it was served, yet it blew S’s mind the second after S had a bite. Not only was the steak perfectly cooked, S could also tell the quality of the steak was superb. You don’t need any extra sauce but only a pinch of salt so that you can taste the most original flavour of the steak.

The desserts were from the set lunch menu – the Passion fruit pavlova and the Sticky toffee sundae. Pavlova is a type of meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, and usually topped with fruit and whipped cream. The sweet and sour flavour of this dessert makes it the perfect dessert after having a meat feast.

The Best Steakhouse in Manchester - Hawksmoor
Passion fruit pavlova

If you want something sweet, you must try their Sticky toffee sundae! The Sticky toffee sundae wasn’t too sickly sweet and was deceptively filling. The biscuit was a little bit salty to offset the sweetness of the ice cream and toffee, and it was great deal for only £3 extra for third course on the set menu.

The Best Steakhouse in Manchester - Hawksmoor
Sticky toffee sundae

If you are looking for a good place for a date night or a celebration meal, or even just some good quality steak. Hawksmoor should definitely be on top of that list! What S loves about Hawksmoor is not only their quality food, but also the atmosphere and the vibe of the restaurant which gives S a down-to-earth and welcoming feeling. S couldn’t recommend Hawksmoor more and you won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant info:
Address: 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB
Phone: 0161 836 6980
Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 12-3pm; 5-10:30pm/Sat. 12-3pm; 4-10:30pm/Sun. 12-9:30pm
Site: https://thehawksmoor.com

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