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Artistic Pizza Place in Northern Quarter – PLY

by S. H.
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Why try PLY? Here’s why~

It’s not only Rudy’s which sells good pizza in Manchester, there are lots of good pizza places in Manchester. PLY is one S found in the Northern Quarter on the January deal list. S went there for the January deal for 50% off food, but the deal is over now. Luckily S found the app(The Dealer) which gives 50% off for food from PLY too. Download the app and enter referral code SAMANTHA63 and we can both earn 10 points which can be spent on free food at any venue!

Ply entrance

The theme of restaurant is mainly industrial as you can see from the photos. Moreover, it’s not only just a place to eat but also a place for music and exhibition sometimes since the place is quite capacious.

Ply inside
Ply inside

The pizza oven is covered with shining tiles which is quite eye-catching when you first walk into the restaurant. Moreover, there are various choices of beers and interesting cocktails. All the pizzas are freshly made and they also do delivery and takeout since S saw some people who came in for that.

The bar area in Ply

As you can see from the menu, the price of the pizza ranges from £9 to £13. As for the full menu, you can also go to their website for the menu of the desserts and drinks. The pizzas S had that day were Portobello (£10) and Vulcano (£12).

Ply menu

Vulcano was absolutely tasty, especially with a touch of basil taste on top of it. The dough here was thicker compared to Rudy’s. However, S quite liked the burned charcoal taste at the edge of the pizza, it overall gave the pizza more layers of taste.

Vulcano pizza in ply

S was a bit disappointed with Portobello since S was looking forward to the truffle taste in the pizza, but S couldn’t taste the flavour at all. However, the portion of the topping mushrooms was generous. The tomato taste of the pizza from PLY is stronger compared to the ones in Rudy’s. S wouldn’t say which one is better since it all depends personal preference for which type of pizza you prefer.

Portobello pizza in ply
Portobello pizza in ply

If you are in the neighbourhood around the Northern Quarter, you could definitely go over and have a try of the pizza there! Furthermore, as S mentioned earlier that they don’t only just have good pizzas, but also have some exhibitions and events time to time from artists all over the world, and they also have a doodle wall and a book exchange event. Hence, why not just come here to spend couple of hours with a bottle and your favourite book with some tasty pizza?

Restaurant info:
Address: 26 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DW
Phone: 0161 711 0401
Opening hours: Mon.-Thur. 12pm-12am/Fri. and Sat. 12pm-2am/Sun. 12pm-11pm
Site: https://www.plymcr.co.uk

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