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Neapolitan Pizzaria in NQ Manchester – Ciaooo

by S. H.
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An underrated independent traditional pizzaria with a diverse menu

S discovered this place while she was scrolling through Instagram the other day, and she saw a picture of their pizza, and thought that she must try it out! The restaurant is located on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter; just right behind the Mackie Mayor. There’s also PLY in Northern Quarter if you want to have this type of pizza.

Neapolitan Pizzaria in NQ Manchester - Ciaooo

S visited on a weekday evening, as you can see from the photos it wasn’t too busy. The interior is simple and rather spacious, and the staff were very friendly and efficient. The menu can be found on their website, moreover, they have a weekly special pizza which will be shown on the blackboard above the counter.

S was going to order their special pizza but she was told it was the special for the previous week before S visited. Therefore, S chose the Ciaooo (£10.5) and added extra cheese, and the Toscana (£10).

The Ciaooo pizza contained jalapeños cream, provola, calabrese, chicken, pancetta, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. The crunch of pizza crust had a more charred flavour compared to the ones from Rudy’s which S quite liked. There was a little kick from the Ciaooo pizza due to the jalapeños cream, moreover, the pizza still remained moist in the middle which was a plus to S.

Neapolitan Pizzaria in NQ Manchester - Ciaooo

The Toscana is a white pizza and it contains Fiordilatte mozzarella, mushrooms, Parma ham, truffle oil, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. When S saw there was truffle oil in it, she just couldn’t resist. The Toscana reminded S of the Truffled Funghi pizza from Gusto, and S preferred this one rather than the one from Gusto because of the charred flavour from the crust.

Neapolitan Pizzaria in NQ Manchester - Ciaooo

Overall, it’s a nice pizza shop and has some interesting options for their weekly special pizza. They always post their new pizza on their Instagram so you can check the special for that week before you visit, and not miss it like S did. If you aren’t bothered to move, they also do delivery which is perfect for S when she just wants to be a potato at home from time to time!

Restaurant info:
Address: 62-64 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JU
Phone: 0161 832 8219
Opening hours: Tue.-Thur. 5-10pm; Fri.-Sat. 5-11pm; Sun. 1-9pm
Site: https://www.ciaooopizzeriamcr.co.uk

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