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Must Visit Lively Pub in Chorlton – The Beagle

by S. H.
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A quirky dog and family friendly pub with a retro-vibe

S was looking for some new brunch places around Chorlton, and The Beagle was the one she picked this time. The restaurant is about 3 mins walking distance from the Chorlton tram stop; it’s on the same road as Peck & Yard and Sushi Marvel, but these two are further down the road compared to The Beagle.

The entrance of the beagle

S loved the vibe and the interior the first second S entered the door. S especially loved the open terrace with a transparent glass roof on the top, and the patio doors which are able to open up and give the restaurant a nice breeze.

The menu can be found on their website, the choices are from brunch, to lunch, to late night snacks. Since S was going for the brunch, S picked the Steak N Eggs (£11) and Pancake Party with fried chicken and bacon (£9.5). Just a little note before you visit, the brunch menu is only served on Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, this is the kind of place where you find your own table, and order and pay at the bar when you’re ready.

Steak N Eggs contained rump steak, house hash, jack cheese with chipotle mayo and two poached eggs. It was absolutely delicious! The house hash was crispy at the outside, and soft for the inside. As for the rump steak you can see in the photo, it was medium rare and quite tender.

Steak N Eggs from the beagle
Steak N Eggs

The pancakes from the Pancake Party were nothing special if you just consider the pancakes. However, the fried chicken on top was surely a surprise to S! The fried chicken was crispy with a super tender inside, and the flavour of the fried chicken was just perfect. Therefore, S knew she definitely needs to come back for the fried chicken again!

Pancake Party from the beagle
Pancake Party

S visited The Beagle another time to try their dinner menu. Since the fried chicken S had last time was so awesome, the Three Piece Suite (£11) and the Sierra Madre (£10) were the food S ordered. The Three Piece Suite was crispy buttermilk chicken strips with a dip of your choice and chips. The fried chicken was as amazing as S remembered from the last time she visited. Moreover, the chips was also super crispy which are the type S loves.

Three Piece Suite from the beagle
Three Piece Suite

The Sierra Madre was one of the best burgers S had had in Manchester so far! The burger was pretty simple; buttermilk fried chicken, maple bacon, jack cheese and chipotle mayo. Yet a good burger really doesn’t need much. The chicken was awesome, and the bacon was proper. The burger was very easy to eat; your hands don’t get greasy or too messy after eating the burger.

Sierra Madre from the beagle
Sierra Madre

Overall it is definitely a great place to go for any kind of occasion, since it’s dog and family friendly. S has added this place on her regular visiting list whenever she visits Chorlton. This place also serves a selection of craft beer, S would like to try some of them next time and sit outside at the terrace while the weather is good.

Restaurant info:
Address: 456-458 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton, Manchester M21 0BQ
Phone: 0161 881 8596
Opening hours: Tue.-Thur. 12pm-12am; Fri.12pm-1am; Sat. 9:30am-1am ; Sun. 10am-12am
Site: https://www.beaglesabout.com

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