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Charming Hidden Sushi Bar in NQ – Zumu x Dive NQ

by S. H.
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A divine sushi restaurant hidden in a discrete pub in Northern Quarter

You would never know that there was a decent sushi bar here if you just walked past without paying attention. S found this place on Instagram since S has always tried to explore more sushi places in Manchester. Dive NQ is close to Piccadilly Gardens which is just at the start of the Northern Quarter. The entrance of Dive NQ is rather subtle but it’s not too difficult to notice.

Charming Hidden Sushi Bar in NQ - Zumu x Dive NQ

After entering the basement, the pub is quite spacious. The dining area is on the right hand side of the pub and there will be staff take you to your table when you arrive. The dining area is not that big so it might get packed easily when it’s busy.

The menu can be found on their website. The dishes range from standard Japanese food to some other Asian dishes such as Pad Thai or Dynamite Rice. S has visited there twice and the second time was through invitation. S ordered Lets Roll (£30) and the Ginger Chicken Udon (£11) on the first visit, and Su Goi (£45) and Zumu Special – Steak Noodles with Teriyaki Glazing (£13.75) on the second visit.

There are 24 pcs in the Lets Roll platter which includes 8 pcs of Zumu Special sushi rolls and Spicy Tuna sushi rolls each, and 2 pcs of salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, sea bass nigiri and prawn nigiri respectively. S really liked the Zumu Special which contains prawn katsu and avocado with the seared salmon on top with teriyaki glaze. The prawn katsu was crispy and the teriyaki glaze mixed so well with the seared salmon.

Charming Hidden Sushi Bar in NQ - Zumu x Dive NQ
Lets Roll

The Ginger Chicken Udon was more flavourful than S thought. The udon was cooked perfectly which means that it was not too soft. Moreover, the portion size was very generous and is perfect to share with 2 people.

Charming Hidden Sushi Bar in NQ - Zumu x Dive NQ
Ginger Chicken Udon

When the Su Goi platter was served, the first thing S said was “Wow! it’s a feast!”. You can try everything from the Su Goi platter. The Popcorn Shrimp was well-fried and not greasy at all. There are chicken yakitori, chicken tsukune, and aspara bacon skewers from the platter, and the seasoning was spot-on. This platter is definitely suitable for someone if you want to try a bit of everything.

You can choose between steak and salmon for this dish and S chose the steak. The steak was so tender and it went well with the teriyaki glazing. Furthermore, the taste of the shallots gave this dish a richer taste. S was very surprised with this Zumu Special and hopes she can order it again next time. However, the Zumu Special is purely random and you just have to try your luck!

Charming Hidden Sushi Bar in NQ - Zumu x Dive NQ
Zumu special – Steak Noodles with Teriyaki Glazing

S is very happy that there are more and more good sushi places in the city centre after Sushi Marvel just opened a new restaurant in Ancoats. It gives S more options to choose from when S gets a craving for sushi. However, if you think Zumu Street can’t solve your craving for sushi, the all you can eat sushi place – Sakura Japanese Restaurant can always be the ultimate cure for sushi cravings.

Restaurant info: 
Address: 12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH
Phone: 0161 826 3080
Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 5-10pm; Sat.-Sun. 12-10pm
Site: https://divenq.co.uk/northern-quarter-manchester/food-and-drink-restaurant/

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