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All You Can Eat Sushi – Sakura Japanese Restaurant

by S. H.
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A sushi heaven for every sushi lover in Manchester!

Sushi is one of S’s favourite food. Therefore, when S heard that there is an all you can eat sushi restaurant in Manchester, it felt like winning a jackpot! The restaurant is close to Victoria station, and it takes about 10-15 mins walk from Victoria tram station to the restaurant. The restaurant is further away and way bigger than S expected it would be.

All You Can Eat Sushi - Sakura Japanese Restaurant

The interior is really nice with asian style decor. There are different seating selections for different party sizes, like a small booth or a private function room which suits various occasions. The food selection ranges from sushi to teppanyaki which you can find on their menu. The price differs depending on the time and day of the week, from £15.99 to £23.99. Moreover, if you’re a student or NHS staff, you can get a discount on selective days.

The restaurant is not buffet style besides the desserts, instead you order your food from a pad and the food will be served to your table. Just a little note that there’s a limit for each round and also you have to wait a certain time to order your next round. However, there’s no limit on how many rounds or time for you to order the food.

All You Can Eat Sushi - Sakura Japanese Restaurant

S usually judges if a place has good sushi by the quality of their salmon sushi, and S has to say, this place didn’t disappoint her. Furthermore, the selection of sushi was pretty good; from nigiri to inari. S would recommend the salmon nigiri, sweet prawn nigiri, and salmon caviar tartare for sushi. However, the sashimi had an additional cost on top of the flat all you can eat price.

All You Can Eat Sushi - Sakura Japanese Restaurant

The hand roll was also pretty good. The salmon hand roll was made from avocado, cucumber, salad, rice, salmon caviar and salmon. S would eat more hand rolls if she visits there again since she was too focused on trying everything once that time. The hand roll is definitely a good item to order here!

As for the teppanyaki dishes, they were alright but not as amazing as their sushi. The quality of the teppanyaki dishes here is just like every other buffet. However, the one S liked the most was the grilled tenderloin cubes, it was pretty delicious with the fried garlic.

The deep fried dishes are also something you have to try when you visit Sakura; especially their new menu item – Chicken Karage. The Chicken Karage was very tender and juicy at the same time, S even ordered a second plate of this. Moreover, the fried dishes were all served piping hot which means they were freshly cooked! S even ordered the Chicken Karage twice instead of more sushi, then you know how good the Chicken Karage is!

The dessert section was quite standard with the usual suspects of cake, ice cream and fruit etc. When S saw that there was lychee in the fruit selection, S was so happy and took a full plate of lychee since it’s quite difficult to find lychee in UK supermarkets.

Overall, S would definitely recommend this place even just for the sushi and ignore the other dishes. The sushi is surely worth the price and the quality is also pretty good too! If you’re a sushi addict like S, this is the place you can come here to replenish your sushi energy from time to time!

Restaurant info: 
Address: 175 Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M8 8LG
Phone: 0161 834 9988
Opening hours: Mon.-Thur. 12-10:30pm; Fri. and Sat. 12-11pm; Sun. 12-10pm
Site: https://www.sakura-japanese-restaurant.co.uk

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