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The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ – Eat New York

by S. H.
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How can you not mention New York when it comes to bagel?

The restaurant is located on the edge of the Northern Quarter, and it is not easy to get to since it’s on the outskirts. S noticed this place when she visited Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun since it’s right across the street. Furthermore, the whole building is the sign of the restaurant makes it really hard to miss!

The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ - Eat New York

The interior is rather simple with an industrial style. The staff were super friendly and the service was nice and efficient. There are different menus for different time of the day, and the price range for the main is from £7 to £12. The food S ordered was the Grill Melt Bagel (£7.5), the Eat New York Bagel (£8.5), the All Day Breakfast Burger (£9) and the Angel Fries (£5).

The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ - Eat New York

The Grill Melt Bagel is their must try on the menu. The mixture of hot salt beef and the grilled cheese was just AMAZING! The food was delicious, however, the only downside of this was that it was quite messy to eat. The juice and the ingredients just drip out while eating it. Furthermore, don’t be deceived by the portion since S thought it was not too big when it was served. By the end of it, S couldn’t even finish!

Grill Melt Bagel from Eat New York
Grill Melt Bagel

The main difference between the Eat New York Bagel and the Grill Melt Bagel is the quarter pounder in the Eat New York Bagel and the pickle-slaw. The taste of this one was also delish! However, S still preferred the Grill Melt Bagel compared to the Eat New York Bagel overall. Since the grilled cheese really increased the level of the flavour of the bagel.

The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ - Eat New York
Eat New York Bagel

The Angel Fries here was chips with truffle oil, parmesan and parsley. How can anyone not like chips with truffle flavour? This was definitely some of the best truffle chips S has had! The truffle flavour was pretty strong and it went perfectly with the crispy skinny chips! However, the flavour was becoming a bit too rich and salted, so you will definitely need a drink with the meal here.

The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ - Eat New York
Angel Fries

Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? 

Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation

The quote from Parks and Rec describes the All Day Breakfast Burger perfectly! It combines all the best parts; quarter pounder, sausage patty, fried egg, hash brown, bacon, burger cheese with chipotle mayo and ketchup. The portion of the burger was also super generous as it was hard to finish the burger.

The Best Bagel Shop in the NQ - Eat New York
All Day Breakfast Burger

S would definitely come back for the Angel Fries and the bagels. It certainly was a bargain when you use The Dealer App, since it has 50% off for food when you order a drink with your food! Download the app and enter referral code SAMANTHA63 and we can both earn 10 points which can be spent on free food at any venue!

Restaurant info:
Address: 64 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE
Phone: 0161 950 0547
Opening hours: Tue.-Fri. 12-10pm; Sat. 10am-10pm; Sun. 10am-8pm
Site: https://eatnewyork.co.uk

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