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KFC Style Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

by S. H.
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You can get a 1kg chicken wings from Aldi which is approximately 32 chicken wings for only £1.59! And all the other ingredients you need are very simple that you probably have them already. So why not trying make them yourself?

I’ve noticed the fried chicken in the UK has slightly different style of batter than the ones I had in Taiwan in general. The batter of the fried chicken in Taiwan is mostly flaky but the ones in the UK is more compact.

After I’ve tried so many fried chicken in the UK, and finally found something similar which is the chicken wings from KFC. Therefore, making the perfect batter which is similar to the KFC chicken wings is my main goal here, and you can alter the ingredients to suit your taste. You can change the marinade based on your preference; my recipe for the chicken marinade is just for your reference. ⠀

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