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Fresh Lobster in Soho London – Burger & Lobster

by S. H.
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As simple as their name, burger and lobster!

S had been hearing about this restaurant before she went there, and about how Burger & Lobster is a must eat when you visit London. Finally, S got a chance to try it and it didn’t disappoint her. The branch S visited was the one in Soho which is close to the China Town and Piccadilly Circus station.

Fresh Lobster in Soho London - Burger & Lobster

It was quite spacious inside the restaurant; moreover, you can also see the lobsters in the fish tank and some different sizes of the lobsters on the blackboard. The staff were lively and friendly, and checked up on the table from time to time to make sure everything was good. The menu is slightly different depends on the branch, but mostly quite similar. Since the name of the restaurant is Burger & Lobster, S decided to try their B&L Combo (£33) to try both and the fries (£2.5).

Fresh Lobster in Soho London - Burger & Lobster

You can choose grilled or steamed for your lobster; however, you can also choose half grilled half steamed if you can’t decide like S did. S couldn’t choose which one was better; the flavour of the grilled one was richer, but you can taste the original taste and the sweetness of the lobster from the steamed one. Moreover, eating it with the B&L’s famous lemon and garlic butter just gave it a perfect touch.

Fresh Lobster in Soho London - Burger & Lobster
1.25lb Lobster

To be honest, S didn’t really have any expectation for the burger, and it turned out surprisingly good! In S’s opinion, the simpler the burger, the better it is; and the burger here showed that perfectly. There’s nothing special with the burger; however, with the beef patty and the house secret sauce, this burger really surprised S.

Fresh Lobster in Soho London - Burger & Lobster
5oz Burger

S can understand why so many people recommend this place since the lobster was truly fresh and tasty. The burger was great too though S would prefer the lobster overall. Moreover, S saw other people recommend the Original Lobster Roll which S is definitely going to try when she visits again! S already can’t wait to have their lobster again next time!

Restaurant info:
Address: 36-38 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 4PS
Phone: 020 7432 4800
Opening hours: Mon.-Thur. 12-10:30pm; Fri. and Sat. 12-11pm; Sun. 12-10pm
Site: https://www.burgerandlobster.com

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