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The Best Desserts in Bolton – Heavenly Desserts

by S. H.
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Every dessert you can imagine and the option to customise everything!

Heavenly Desserts is a dessert chain which was founded in 2008, and now they have stores throughout the U.K.. The branch that S was invited to was the one in Bolton town centre which is just 5 mins walk from the Bolton train station. The restaurant is in the former Beales department store, and apparently Peaky Blinders has also filmed in Bolton around the neighbourhood as well!

The Best Desserts in Bolton - Heavenly Desserts

The interior is going for a fancy and luxurious style with red velvet seating and booth areas. The staff were all very friendly and helpful, and the staff were more than happy to explain the dishes. Since there are so many options on the menu, S really needed someone to give suggestions and recommendations.

The best thing about Heavenly Desserts is that they also provide a gluten free and vegan menu! Therefore, everyone can have a piece of these tasty desserts! As you can see from the menu, there are so many options for you to choose from; from waffles, to cheese cake or even fondue. Furthermore, you can even customise pretty much any dish to build your own heavenly dessert. S always goes for the standard menu the first time she visits, and she will definitely try a customised one next time.

You can see in the photos below the desserts S tried that day,  and S tried to cover every category on the menu. The Lotus Biscoff Sundae (£5.9) had great combination between the sweet and salty flavour, and it was also quite filling. The Heavenly Dessert Cookie Dough (£7.1) was truly heavenly, the chocolate was so rich and it went perfectly with the hot cookie dough and ice cream. S was being greedy with the cheese cakes since she didn’t know which one to pick. Among the cheese cakes S tried, S loved the Cheesecake Royale (£5.8) the most followed by I’ll Have a Slice of That (£4.2). Don’t ignore the gelato which came with the cheese cake, S was really surprised by how delicious it was! 

Last but not least, the classic American waffle – Sinful! But Oh So Heavenly (£7.6) which had strawberries, banana, raspberries and mango which also came with maple syrup. The waffles were soft but what amazed S was the fruits. The mango was the sweetest and most authentic flavour S had tried in the UK by far. The fruits was incredibly fresh and high quality, and the portion was generous and filling as well.

The Best Desserts in Bolton - Heavenly Desserts
Sinful! But Oh So Heavenly (£7.6)

The venue was exceptionally high quality and had a great atmosphere, and felt very upscale compared to your standard dessert place. Another great highlight was the vegan menu as it’s not very common to cater a huge variety of desserts specifically gluten free and vegan friendly. The price wasn’t cheap but you definitely get what you pay for!

Overall, it was truly a heavenly experience for S since S is not a dessert person in general. However, S really enjoyed their cheese cake selection and the gelato. S would definitely visit again for their fondue and customised dessert which seem to be super fun to eat with friends and family!

Restaurant info:
Address: Unit 3, 79-87 Deansgate, Bolton BL1 1HH
Phone: 01204 529013
Opening hours: Mon.-Sun. 12pm-12am
Site: https://heavenlydesserts.co.uk/our-stores/bolton/

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