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Amazing Neapolitan Pizza in Chorlton – Double Zero

by S. H.
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If you live in South Manchester, you must have heard about Double Zero!

There are quite a few pizzerias in Manchester; the famous Rudy’s, Ciaooo and Ply etc. However, Double Zero is definitely one of the pizzerias that you will hear of when people talk about pizza. Double Zero is located in Chorlton and it’s about 8 mins walk from Chorlton tram station.

Amazing Neapolitan Pizza in Chorlton - Double Zero

The interior is quite cheerful because of the paintings on the wall. The staff were very friendly and informative. S has been told that you can also bring your own booze to the restaurant, and you’ll only be charged £1.5/person! They also have some outdoor seats which have a roof over the top, so it won’t be affected by the weather.

The menu can be found on their website, as you can see the prices are around £13 for a pizza. Besides the standard pizza, you can also create your own pizza here! Since this is the first time S visited, S would order some of the standard ones and make her own pizza next time! Yet the one with chicken is no longer on the current standard menu but only the Salumi (£13) left.

There were chorizo, salami Napoli and salami finocchiona in the Salumi, if you are a meat lover, definitely try this one! The middle was soft but not too watery which was the perfect type that S likes. The crust was chewy and you can also taste the wood fired flavour too!

Amazing Neapolitan Pizza in Chorlton - Double Zero

S can’t find this on the standard menu anymore, the menu seems to be slightly different after S visited. The pizza contains pancetta, chicken and mushroom, basically everything S likes. The flavour was also amazing and you can tell the ingredients were super fresh as well!

Amazing Neapolitan Pizza in Chorlton - Double Zero

Overall, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was super lovely. It’s definitely a great place to come with your friends and bring a bottle of good wine! One little reminder – they only accept cash, but there’s an ATM just next to the restaurant. S can’t wait to create her own pizza next time when she visits!

Restaurant info:
Address: 368 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M21 8AZ
Phone: 0161 943 8980
Opening hours: Mon.-Thur. 6-11pm/Fri.-Sat. 5-11pm/Sun. 4-10pm
Site: https://www.pizzeriadoublezero.com

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