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Amazing Dining in Didsbury – Albert’s Restaurants & Bar

by S. H.
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Fancy a date night in Didsbury? Albert’s should be your first choice!

There are lots good places to explore in Didsbury, and the one S tried recently was Albert’s Restaurants & Bar. It just refurbished and reopened mid March, therefore, S was quite excited to see the new decor of the place. The restaurant is located on Barlow Moor Road which is not far from the West Didsbury tram.

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar

S really liked the new decoration for the interior, the green theme gave people a relaxing feeling. The seating area is packed but not too uncomfortable, furthermore, the outdoor seating area will be amazing when the weather is a bit warmer. There were some misunderstandings about the order, but it didn’t detract from the dining experience overall.

They have different menus for different times for the days of the week, and the one S had was their a la carte menu. The main dishes S had that day were Sticky Beef Shortrib (£17.5), Saddle of Rabbit (£17.5), Malayan Chicken (£14.5) and Pan-fried Sea Bass (£17.5). As for the desserts (£6.5/dish), Banoffee Split, Chocolate Volcano, and Sticky Toffee Pudding were the ones S had.

You can choose 2 sides with the Saddle of Rabbit when you order this dish. S had never tried rabbit meat before, therefore, S didn’t really know what to expect. The taste wasn’t really different from other common meats like pork, beef or chicken, though S thought it would be less tough. The sauce was tasty and went well with the meat.

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar
Saddle of Rabbit

If S had to pick a dish which surprised her the most, the Sticky Beef Shortrib would be the one. S wasn’t sure about this before S had it, and it was absolutely amazing! The flavour of the dish reminded S a similar dish from Taiwan. Moreover, the portion of this dish was pretty generous, some people might find it a bit difficult to finish it due to the rich flavour. Overall, S would certainly recommend this dish for sure!

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar
Sticky Beef Shortrib

Malayan Chicken was the only one that S didn’t have a taste of that day, however, it was quite nice apparently. It seems like a fusion dish which combines coconut, chilli and lime sauce with pad choi. The flavoured rice contained edamame beans and red peppers.

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar
Malayan Chicken

You can choose the between warm tomato & tarragon salsa or lemon & dill cream sauce with 2 sides for the Pan-fried Sea Bass. The Dauphinoise potatoes was really soft, and the Roast Butternut Squash was also delicious. The icing on the cake was definitely the lemon & dill cream which was absolutely amazing!

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar
Pan-fried Sea Bass

The Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Volcano were both outstanding, S like the chocolate volcano a bit more due to it not being so sweet. The Banoffee Split came with a mini toffee milkshake which was pretty cute. The Banoffee Split was a bit too sickly sweet for S, yet if you have a big sweet tooth, you will love it for sure!

Amazing Dining in Didsbury - Albert's Restaurants & Bar
Banoffee Split

Overall, it was an absolutely great dining experience for S because of the delicious food. S would love to come back to try the Albert’s Seafood Platter which looks seriously mouthwatering! If you are looking for somewhere nice and fancy to eat, Albert’s Didsbury won’t disappoint you!

Restaurant info: 
Address: 120-122 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 2PU
Phone: 0161 434 8289
Opening hours: Mon.-Wed. 11:30am-11pm; Thur. 11:30am-10pm; Fri. 11:30am-12am; Sat. 10am-1am; Sun. 10am-10:30pm
Site: https://alberts-restaurants.com/didsbury/

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