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#AD / Easy Air Fryer Kimchi Bun – Vegetarian Recipe

by S. H.
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I rarely cook meat free dishes, so I was excited to work with Quorn to create a new recipe using their meat free mince. It turned out to be a really great substitute for pork mince, and it’s an easy and straightforward recipe to try. The texture is very similar to an actual pork bun, and with the right seasoning you can’t really tell the difference. 

This recipe is perfect for someone who wants to try some meat free recipes or if you are looking to try some new recipes with your air fryer. It’s also really easy to reheat the buns, you can either put them into an air fryer or simply pan fry them for few minutes and they taste just as good.

#AD / Easy Air Fryer Kimchi Bun - Vegetarian Recipe

If you try the recipe, I highly recommend that you add some kimchi juice in the filling so that you can taste a stronger kimchi flavour.


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